typing on your PC all day for work can be tiring for your arms, so to help you relax, why not have the always-adorable virtual diva herself, Hatsune Miku, sit on your lap while you type away for your work or play some video games on your PC as your arms are rested in a cushion.


This lovely PC cushion set comes with two items, which include a Miku plush doll and a detachable armrest cushion, which has two different sides. Slated for release in October 2016, it is now available for pre-orders via the Premium Bandai Online Shop for 6,264 yen. Now wouldn’t you want to spend time playing Overwatch or any other PC game, or working, while also doing this?


You can also study or read a book with Miku on your lap! Now ain’t that just adorable?


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