Pokemon is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and for the 20th anniversary edition of the Pokemon General Elections, a certain yellow mouse would always take the Top spot, however, this year seems to be a bit different.

All 720 Pokemon were in the running for this official poll, which was conducted between 15 April and 9 May 2016. The results were broadcast live, and the official Japanese Pokemon movie website revealed the Top 100, and they are:

13th place – 100th place:

q1 q2 q3

12 – Eevee

11 – Mewtwo

10 – Meloetta


9 – Charizard

8 – Zygarde

7 – Rayquaza


6 – Genesect

5 – Sylveon

4 – Pikachu


3 – Mew

2 – Arceus


1 – Greninja


Oh my Arceus! Pikachu is only 4th?! Yes, the lovable electric mouse has finally been dethroned by the lovable frog ninja, Greninja, as well as Arceus, which took second, and Mew, who took third. Sorry Gen Wunners, Only three of the original 151 made it to the Top 10, as Mewtwo only took 11th, while Eevee only took 12th.

And if you think about it, the most powerful and deadly Pokemon of all time, Magikarp, also made it to the Top 100 of the Pokemon General Elections, and remember, about 620 others did not make it. Also not included in the list? The new ones who will be introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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