The Summer 2016 anime season is about to begin next month, and as the current crop of Spring 2016 anime are airing their final episodes (with a few continuing on to next season), we are taking a look at five new titles which you should watch out for next season.

These five picks are new anime titles which still haven’t had their own respective TV anime until now. This means that returning anime with new seasons, such as Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma, spin-offs such as Love live! Sunshine, or reboots like D.Gray-man Hallow will not be included in our list. However, they will be revealed tomorrow. After much arguing, violent reactions, and three fist fights, we have finally agreed on five new titles, and they are:

Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan


Getting a manga published inside the pages of the prestigious Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine (Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, etc.) is no easy task, however, getting serialized in that very magazine, where competition is fierce, is even tougher. Lasting a year in that magazine is a feat in of itself, and lasting four years is an even tougher one to pull off, but that is what Suichi Asou’s Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan manga has done, and that is why we are excited for this TV anime adaptation.

The anime is set in PK High, and follows Kusuo Saiki, who possesses various ESP abilities, including telepathy and psychokinesis. It follows his daily life with his classmates, and how he uses those psychic abilities.



Based on Tsuyoshi Yasuda’s bestselling sports manga, Days has won several manga awards, including the prestigious Best Shounen Manga Award during the Kodansha Manga Awards, beating out and upsetting favorites like My Hero Academia, Seraph of the End, and Noragami.

The manga follows Tsukushi Tsukamoto, a boy who was bullied, decides to join his new high school’s football team, not knowing that it is a national powerhouse in Japan. Despite being frail, weak, and clumsy, he somehow manages to get accepted into the team’s roster, to the surprise of many.

Mob Psycho 100


Loved One Punch Man? Then we suggest that you should also check out Mob Psycho 100, which is also created by One Punch Man’s manga creator, ONE.

The manga follows “Mob,” a boy with psychic abilities who will explode once his emotional capacity reaches 100%. The story is about a boy who keeps his emotions bottled up inside or else everything goes wrong… which you know, kinda sounds like the Hulk from Marvel, only in this one, instead of turning into a green and unstoppable monster when angry, he just simply explodes and takes a whole lot of destruction with him.



Key Visual Arts has been known to produce anime and visual novels which tug right at your heart, such as Angel Beats!, Kanon, and Clannad. Their latest anime offering is Rewrite, which is based on their ninth visual novel, which was released back in 2011.

The visual novel followed a teenager named Kotarou Tennouji, who has two superpowers called “Rewrite” and “Aurora.” He gets caught up in a secret war which is brewing between two factions, Gaia and Guardian, as he joins his school’s occult club, which also has members with their own powers.



What if you could go back to high school and start over? What if you were given the chance to be 17 again? That is the premise of the upcoming anime called ReLife, which is based on Yayoiso’s popular science fiction manga.

The anime will follow Arata Kaizuki, a 27-year-old office worker who is haunted by traumas in his past, including the guilt of having a female co-worker commit suicide after trying to help her while she was being bullied. He eventually quit his job and decided to work in a convenience store, before being scouted for a scientific experiment called the ReLife project. He is given a chance to become younger, and is sent back to high school where he can re-experience his youth.

So, what do you think of our picks? Which Summer 2016 anime are you most excited to see? Be sure to watch out for part 2, where we take a look at the anime which are returning for next season!

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