The new summer season is almost here, and we are continuing our look at the upcoming season by taking a look at seven titles that you might be familiar with, and that you might want to continue watching.

We’ve picked these seven titles after much careful consideration, arguing, and shouting. These anime are either sequels, spin-offs, reboots, or from a franchise which has already gotten an anime adaptation for one of its series, so no new anime here, because we’ve got that covered for our previous article. So without further ado, here are our picks:

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma: The Second Plate


If the first anime or the manga made you hungry, then better be prepared to have more food cravings, as Souma and the gang are back, and this time, they will continue from where the previous one left off, which is right before the start of the Autumn Elections! This new arc is promising to heat up soon, so better prepare your appetites!

Love Live! Sunshine!

Want more Love Live? Well, Love Live! Sunshine might not feature the school idols that you’ve known from the first series, but this new batch promises to be thrill fans none the less. Set in a small fishing town in Shizuoka Prefecture, Love Live! Sunshine takes the school idol story out of Akihabara and into the countryside, with nine new idols called AQUORS.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Despair


Fans are really getting their murder-mystery fix this season just because of this anime. Danganronpa 3 is actually two anime being shown in one season, with two arcs, the Despair arc and the Future Arc, being shown in the same week. This means that we will get two Danganronpa episodes airing in the very same week. The Despair Arc will follow the story of the second Danganronpa game, while the Future arc will be set after the events of the second, and the survivors from the first game are now a little older.

Tales of Zestiria The X


The Tales Of franchise is certainly no stranger to anime adaptations, and this latest one promises to be its biggest one yet, with ufotable, the very animation studio behind Fate/Zero, animating the series. We’ve loved the original Tales of Zestria game, and with a premiere animation studio behind the project, it is safe to say that we are really excited for this new adaptation.

D.Gray-man Hallow


Allen Walker is back! After years of waiting, fans can now finally see the cast of D.Gray-man in a new anime, and we think that this new one is worth the wait. Unlike the original anime, however, this new anime adaptation is only scheduled to be a 1-cour or 13 episodes, but that won’t stop us from being excited to see this anime none the less.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance


The first TV anime ended with Arslan and his companions ready to invade and take back the capital, which left many fans hanging and wondering what will happen next. But fret not, because Summer 2016 will feature the epic conclusion to the story. The first anime was certainly epic, and this one promises to be the same.

Berserk 2016



So, what do you think of our picks? Which Summer 2016 anime are you most excited to see? Be sure to also check out our picks for New Anime for next season!

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