He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaack! During the Sony Press Conference during E3 2016, the one and only Hideo Kojima made his triumphant return (into the beat of the Official Sound Track from Mad Max: Fury Road I might add) since being fired by Konami and forming his own studio. His first game for Kojima Productions? A new title called “Death Stranding,” and it stars an old friend of Kojima’s, actor Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead.

Not much information has been given for now, but what is known is that a character which looks exactloy like Norman Reedus will be part of it. That character has been featured in the video waking up next to a baby and is completely naked.

Meanwhile, Kojima himself has tweeted new visuals for the game, and you might see something that has been missing since Metal Gear Solid V, which are the words “A Hideo Kojima Game”.


Both Kojima and Reedus previously worked together for the now-cancelled PT for Silent Hills, which was also a joint project with Pacific Rim director, Guillermo del Toro. Kojima’s former company, Konami, has been at odds with the gaming industry legend for a long time now, culminating to a bizarre series of events, which led to the game creator being barred from receiving an award during the Game Awards. Konami has also verified that Kojima has left the company. He then went on to create his own gaming company, Kojima Productions, which will be making an exclusive game for Sony’s PS4, which now turns out to be Death Stranding.

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