During the Anime Expo 2016 event in Los Angeles, California, Seven Seas Entertainment and their partner, Ninja Division, set up a special booth for Okayado’s bestselling manga, Monster Musume, and one of the cosplayers for the booth caught everyone’s attention, as she stole the show by cosplaying the series’ sadistic-yet-lovable arachne, Rachnera.


French-Canadian cosplayer, Marie Claude Bourbonnais, or @mcbourbonnais1, is the woman behind the costume, and she’s also the one who made the costume herself. In a series of tweets, she revealed all the hard work she put in making that awesome Rachnera costume.

And apparently, her costume needed assembly, so this was the scene as they were unloading her costume for Anime Expo 2016.

And then there was plenty of fun afterwards as she put on her costume and completely stole the show!

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A huge thanks to my friend Kit for the heads-up


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