According to hipsters, you haven’t really heard music unless you’ve heard it on vinyl, and that is what Gundam Thunderbolt has done with their soundtrack. The mecha anime has had some very strong connections with old school music, particularly jazz, and what better way to keep that old school vibe than a vinyl record, right?


That certainly would get the hipster crowd interested in Gundam, right? The records went on sale during screenings of Mobile Suit Gundam: December Sky, which premiered last June 25. The animation director for the ONA’s second episode, Shingo Tamagawa, also illustrated the jacket.


The vinyl soundtrack costs 4,630 yen, and since not everyone has a record player for vinyl, has even given some recommendations…

I guess Mp3 players and CD’s are too mainstream, huh? The jazz soundtrack will feature works by various Sony Music Artists and TABOO.

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