Survival games can get pretty wild, and getting hit with bullets from airsoft guns can hurt quite a bit, so two cosplayers have made an even wilder decision to give themselves some Mobile Suit protection. One of them wore a costume for the RX-78-2 Gundam, while his friend wore a costume for the mass-produced Zaku II.


Now imagine a Gundam and a Zaku coming at you during a survival game… could be both scary and hilarious at the same time, right? Japanese cosplayer, @nama_gundam, has made a name for himself  for snowboarding while wearing costumes inspired by the Gundam franchise. Now it seems that he has moved to airsoft survival games…


And here I am still wondering what their opponents thought when they saw those two running towards them, airsoft guns blazing. Would have been really badass, huh? The Zaku seems to have had lots of fun, though I’m also wondering if he got to use his heathawk…

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Sources: @nama_gundam and @stfosaka


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