Pokemania is sweeping the world once again, as Pokemon Go has been released. The release has been very lucrative for Nintendo, and it caused its stock to jump by 25%. Right now, Pokemon is hot stuff, and so hot that there are reports that a live-action Hollywood movie may be made.


Entertainment website, Deadline Hollywood, has reported that Legendary Pictures (Warcraft, Pacific Rim, Godzilla) is already making moves in trying to acquire the live-action movie rights to Nintendo and GameFreak’s succussful video game franchise. According to the report, “This will likely test the bounds of the biggest video-game movie rights deal, which is around $5 million against 5% of first-dollar gross.”

Several names have already been tagged with the live-action Hollywood Pokemon, including Max Landis, is said to be the one writing the script.

However, the rumors are now getting a lot of buzz in Hollywood, and many are already talking about it. As for long-time fans of the franchise, many of them are rolling their eyes as of now. And remember that these are still rumors and Nintendo still has not addressed them.


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