It’s finally summer, and two weeks into the new season, several titles have already made their respective debuts. There are a lot of new titles airing this season, but which ones are looking really good so far?

We’ve watched every single opening episode so far, and and we’ve picked five new titles which we think stood out the most so far. So here are our picks, which we have chosen after much arguing and a couple of fist fights breaking out:



I admit, I am already in my late 20’s, and ReLIFE has made me realize that. All 13 episodes of the anime have already been released, and we find the anime really quite intriguing and worth the watch, and binge-watching all 13 episodes is really worth the time too! The anime takes a look at several themes like youth, friendships, and the constraints of being an actual adult, and really makes you want to take a ReLIFE pill of your own… if you’re about my age that is.



One of two anime premiering this season that are from renowned visual novel company, Key Visual Arts, REWRITE actually came in with a lot of hype, and so far, we’ve found that hype to be justified. The mysteries surrounding the anime, especially if you still haven’t played the VNs, actually make the viewers want more. As this anime is from Key (CLANNAD, KANON, Air, Angel Beats!, Little Busters!, Charlotte, Planetarian), the anime has entered the season with plenty of expectations, and from what we’ve seen so far, we’re still looking forward to watch the next episodes.

Alderamin on the Sky


Based on Bokuto Uno’s military fantasy light novels which had a very surprising and controversial twist, the anime has started off with plenty of promise, with plenty of battles to come. The first two episodes have great timing, and make viewers want to watch more, and it surely teases the growth of several characters, particularly the main character, Ikta Solork.



Handa-kun is really an anime about misunderstandings, and those misunderstandings have led to some very hilarious moments. A spin-off anime to the critically acclaimed Barakamon, the anime follows Seishuu Handa as a high school student, who is actually really popular… despite thinking that his classmates hate his guts. The anime is genuinely hilarious and is worth checking out.



When the new anime makes fans scrambling to read the original manga, it has to be worth checking, right? But then again, it’s BERSERK, ‘nuf said.

So, what do you guys think of our picks? Which Summer 2016 anime do you think stood out so far?

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