Summer is already here, which means that the Spring 2016 anime season has already ended. While many of us are enjoying the new crop of anime titles which are introduced this season, let us take a look back at last season, which fielded a very surprising line up of anime titles.

The Spring season is known for giving out huge surprises, and the most memorable one was Spring 2013, which gave us three anime which exceeded expectations, and they are The Devil is a Part-Timer, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!, and of course, Attack on Titan. This year is certainly no different, as we take a look at five anime which have exceeded expectations.

These five anime may not have been the best this season (though some of them can be considered as such), but these anime turned out to be a lot better than expected coming into the season.  And without further ado, here is our choices.



We admit it, Re:Zero is not only one of the best anime for spring, but also for the entire year. Right now, the anime is really popular, but coming into April when the anime first premiered, only a few people have ever heard of it. Saying that the anime exceeded expectations is a bit of an understatement, given its huge critical acclaim, and it has even continued to go on as one of the hottest series continuing on to summer. We will admit that we didn’t expect much from the anime back in April, thinking that it would be just like any other harem anime, and WE WERE WRONG!

Joker Game


Joker Game is a quaint little spy anime set before the events of World War II. The anime is a work of fiction, and follows a Japanese spy agency as it sends its agents across the world. What makes this anime interesting is that you expect it to be quite dark and gritty, bu it far exceeds that. The anime is thrilling and full of suspense, and despite being episodic and following a different Japanese spy every week, it makes you want to keep on watching.



Being a moe anime focusing on an a club whose members are all girls, we had little expectations for this one… until their antics made us laugh really hard. The anime focuses on a club of motorbike-riding high school girls, but that motorcycle element added a lot more freshness than expected. The anime not only teaches about motorcycles, but also makes people who haven’t ridden one want to be bikers as well.

Flying Witch


Tired after a long day at work or at school? We recommend that you unwind by watching an episode of Flying Witch, because the anime’s refreshing and slow-paced story can relax you. The anime is quite fun to watch, and can sometimes even make you forget your worries, and that is why we like it. However, we never really expected Flying Witch to be a refreshing anime, but like all of the titles in our list, it has exceeded expectations.

Haifuri/ High School Fleet


What we expected with Haifuri is that it will be just another military anime with too much moe and focusing on cute girls doing cute stuff inside a warship. What we didn’t expect is all that action, all that drama, and thrilling naval battles which will keep you at the edges of your seats! The anime is surprisingly action-packed, and it even has a bit of suspense. This is why Haifuri is on our list!

We can only name five, but we have to admit that we considered Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. The reason why we didn’t include it is that we expected the anime to perform much like Attack on Titan, however, it failed to get as much success as its predecessor did, and was overshadowed by Re:Zero.

So, what do you guys think of our list? Any other anime which exceeded your expectations? Be sure to also check out our picks for New Anime for this season, as well as our picks for the returning and spin-off anime!

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