It’s that time of year once again, and as we brace our wallets for impact, the figure companies have started their teasers. That’s right folks, they are already whetting our wallets’ appetites, so we can prepare for that massive loss of income that’s bound to happen tomorrow.

Let’s start things off with Good Smile Company, which teased several new Nendoroids and scale figures, including upcoming new Nendos for Fate/Grand Order, High School Fleet, Kantai Collection, and more, as well as scale figures for KanColle’s Bismark and Madoka Magica’s Mami Tomoe. (images via Kahotan)

While Good Smile Company was a bit subtle, their sister company, Max Factory was a whole lot more. They even censored them! (Source: figma blog)

Meanwhile, over at Kotobukiya… (images via Kotobukiya official)

Plum may not be as big as the other three companies featured above, but they are teasing some pretty big figures in their WonFes teaser, including a certain master spearwoman from Fate/Grand Order. (images via Plum blog)

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Finally, we end our WonFes teaser with another lesser-known company, Stronger, which teased their upcoming Meiko and Kaito yukata figures via twitter.


So, who here is ready for tomorrow? Wallets, brace for impact, and good luck!

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