Danganronpa 3: The End of Despair is definitely one of the hottest and most awaited anime of the summer. The anime will be getting two episodes shown every week, and a new PV has just been streamed to keep the hype going. The new PV is for both arcs.

The video starts off by introducing the characters from the anime-original “Future Arc”. It then moves on to introduce the characters from the “Despair Arc” which is based on the second game. Each of these two arcs will have one episode shown per week.


You can check out the story for both arcs through this link. While Mirai-hen is a completely original story, featuring the return of the original Danganronpa survivors, together with several new characters, Zetsubou-hen will be based on the second Danganronpa game. Mirai-hen will premiere on 11th July, while Zetsubou-hen will be making its premiere on 14th July, and this really shows that we are getting two Danganronpa episodes in the same week! Now who here’s excited?!

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