Pokemon GO has finally hit South East Asia, and we’re pretty sure that a lot of you have gotten a whole lot of exercise as of late, looking for Pokemon. To celebrate the release of the hottest mobile game in the world into South East Asia, we take a look at several anime characters and what Pokemon they might have if they were gym leaders.

We chose eight anime characters who we thought would make interesting gym leaders, though we purposely chose not to include Pokemon and Digimon characters.

Gym Leader: Megumi Kato (Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend)
Pokemon: Rattata, Bidoof, Sentret, Snorlax


Things couldn’t get any more NORMAL than the most “plain” and “boring” main heroine out there, Megumi Kato, and her line-up is filled with three of the most  “plain” and “boring” Pokemon out there. But as Megumi herself has shown, she is quite full of surprises, that’s why she has a Snorlax to finish off any doubters.

Bug Gym
Gym Leader:  Shokichi Komachi (Terra Formars)
Pokemon: Beedrill x 2, Vespiquen


This Japanese Hornet-powered explorer is no stranger to bugs, and fittingly, his two arms act as stingers which inject lethal poison, much like Beedrill. This Bug master not only poisons his opponents, but his Vespiquen can also give all sorts of trouble for his opponents. Martian cockroaches beware!

Water Gym
Gym Leader: Rin Matsuoka (Free!)
Pokemon: Whalmer, Swanna, Oshawott, Sharpedo


While Sharpedo is really symbolic of Rin, not only because he is known as “the shark” but because the Water/Dark Pokemon is also fast and aggressive, we added three other Pokemon which are symbolic of Rin’s friends from Free!

Grass Gym
Gym Leader: Captain Yamato (Naruto)
Pokemon: Exeggutor, Phantump, Shiftry, Exeggutor (Alola ver.)


For Captain Yamato’s Pokemon, we went with four wood-based Grass Pokemon, which would certainly go with the deadly Jounin’s Wood-style techniques, which he got from the first Hokage… and Orochimaru’s experiments.

Fire Gym:
Gym Leader: Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist)
Pokemon: Ponyta, Ninetails, Talonflame, Rapidash


True to his Mustang name, this fiery gym leader uses fiery horses Ponyta and Rapidash to burn opponents, along with Ninetails, but it’s his Talonflame named “Hawkeye” that’s always by his side, is the one which he relies on the most.

Electric Gym
Gym Leader: Mikoto Misaka (A Certain series)
Pokemon: Pikachu, Pachirisu, Magneton, Magnezone, Abra (not used in gym activities)


Mikoto is most certainly a powerhouse who just loooooooooves cute stuff, though she would deny that fact. This gym leader has been compared to Pikachu as two of the most iconic electrically-powered characters in anime, so she often starts off with her trusty Pikachu. Part of her powers is manipulating metal through magnetism, and that is where she truly shines, with Magneton and Magnezone. Pachirisu is also there since she loves cute stuff. She also has an Abra for a LOYAL ASSISTANT, but she doesn’t use it much, but she uses it to TELEPORT and help her in day-to-day activities. She would use it in her gym, but it’s just a bit perverted…

Psychic Gym
Nozomi Toujou (Love Live!)
Pokemon: Xatu, Kadabra, Grumpig, Gardevoir, MILTANK


Nozomi focuses on predicting her opponents’ next move, and usually always uses Future Sight, especially for Kadabra and Xatu. She also has a MILTANK just because…

Dark Gym
Gym Leader: Rika Takanashi (Chuunibyou)
Pokemon: Honchkrow, Liepard, Absol, Sableye, Hydreigon


This eighth and final gym leader is a bit peculiar, as she dresses her Liepard and calls it Chimera and places an eyepatch on her Sableye. She calls her Hydreigon as “Dark Flame Dragon” after it evolved from Zweilous. She previously called her Hydreigon as “Dark Flame Master” for some reason. But eccentricities aside, Rika is one powerful gym leader, who “uses” her “Evil Eye” to see through her opponents… at least in her mind that is.

So what do you think of our picks? Tune in tomorrow as we reveal our picks for “What if Anime Characters became Pokemon Elite 4”.

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