Anime school uniforms are a staple during cosplay events, but sometimes, it makes one wonder how it would feel actually wearing one for everyday use, like actual students of that school from the anime.

For this week’s Charapedia poll, of the 10,000 anime fans who voted, an overwhelming 82.5% of voters were actually female, while only 17.5% were male. This is because the focus of the poll were anime school uniforms, and from the looks of things, a lot of women really want to wear the uniforms of certain schools in anime. Here are the Top 20:

20 – Fukuroudani High School (Haikyuu!!)

19 – Hope’s Peak Academy (Danganronpa)

18 – Sakuragaoka Girls’ High School (K-On!)

17 – Uranohoshi Girls’ High School (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

16 – Tokiwadai Middle School (A Certain series)

15 – Mitakihara Middle School (Madoka Magica)

14 – Roman Academy (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun)

13 – Teitan Middle School (Detective Conan)

12 – Nanamori Middle School (YuruYuri)

11 – Naoetsu Private High School (Monogatari series)

10 – Seirin High School (Kuroko’s Basketball)

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9 – Tomoeda Elementary School (Cardcaptor Sakura)


8 – Iwatobi High School (Free!)


7 – Saotome Academy (UtaPri)


6 – Aobajousai High School (Haikyuu!!)


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