5 – National Magic University First Affiliate High School (The Irregular at Magic High School)


4 – Karasuno High School (Haikyuu!!)


3 – Kunugigaoka Middle School (Assassination Classroom)


2 – Teikou Middle School (Kuroko’s Basketball)


1 – Otonokizaka High School (Love Live!)


And the school uniform that fans want to wear the mosty is the uniform of Otonokizaka High School, and we are absolutely not surprised at all. Love Live! actually has a huge female fanbase, and with more than 80% of the voters being female, it’s no wonder why many actually want to wear their uniform.

And with more than 80% of the voters being female, it’s not surprising that we see a lot of sports anime in the Top 20, particularly the schools featured in Kuroko’s Basketball, Haikyuu!!, and Free!.

As for those anime that are a bit more male-oriented (that’s not Love Live!), The Irregular at Magic High School scores big and takes 5th place because those uniforms are just damn cool to look at.

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