Macross Delta is currently one of the hottest anime right now, and online anime merchandise shop, D Anime Store, recently asked fans which Macross Delta character is their favorite. 19 characters were included in the poll, and here are their results:


19 – Qasim Eberhart

18 – Herman Cross

17 – Chuck Mustang

16 – Xao Jussila

15 – Theo Jussila

14 – Bogue Con-Vaart

13 – Roid Brehm

12 – Ernest Johnson

11 – Arad Molders

10 – Heinz Windermere II


9 – Keith Aero Windermere


8 – Reina Prowler


7 – Makina Nakajima


6 – Hayate Immelmann


5 – Messer Ihlefeld


4 – Mirage Farina Jenius


3 – Mikumo Guynemer


2 – Kaname Buccaneer


1 – Freyja Wion


Freyja Wion, also known as Space Honoka for some reason, manages to take the top spot in the poll, beating out musical rival Mikumo and love rival Mirage. The poll also contained a mild surprise as the ever-mysterious Mikumo only got 3rd place, with Walküre’s leader and resident big sister, Kaname taking second.

As for the guys, Messer’s heroics have landed the dreaded “Grim Reaper” the highest spot among the guys at #5, beating out main character, Hayate Immelmann, who took 6th place.

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