It seems that Legendary Pictures is serious about adapting Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu game into a live-action movie, and they have called on some pretty big guns to write the movie’s script.


Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor screenwriter, Nicole Perlman, has been tagged in writing the Detective Pikachu movie’s script, alongside Alex Hirsch, who is the creator of the popular Cartoon Network series, Gravity Falls. Aside from writing the script for Detective Pikachu, Perlman will also be working on the script for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, as well as writing her own comic book starring Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The inclusion of two big-name writers for the project is proving that Legendary Pictures does not want a failure like Dragon Ball Evolution in their hands, and that they are actually putting on some effort in making the movie good. Hopefully, this one will end up like Edge of Tomorrow, which was adapted from a Japanese novel and manga, and starred Tom Cruise.

After some speculations, Legendary Pictures has won the rights in doing a live-action Pokemon movie, however, it won’t be based on the anime or the main games, but in a spin-off game called Great Detective Pikachu. It is revealed that filming will begin in 2017, with Universal Pictures distributing the movie outside of Japan. TOHO, which is a long-time collaborative partner for the Pokemon Company, will be distributing the film in Japan.

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