The Rio 2016 Olympic games are now officially over, and with Japan scrambling to host the next one, the country is bracing itself for Tokyo 2020. However, with the Olympics comes a new anime meme, compliments of a Japanese Table Tennis Olympian named Jun Mizutani.


Mizutani has actually brought hoor for Japan by winning the country’s first medal in Table Tennis, however, that did not stop the magical place known as the internet in making fun of his weirdly-timed poses. With the hashtag, , #アニメの画像をアップすると近い構図の水谷隼の画像が送られてくる, which means to “upload an image of Mizutani with an ANIME character in a similar position”, the Japanese social media users had a little fun of the world-class athlete’s weird poses.

Oh internet, you truly are a magical place, aren’t you? While the main focus of the meme was comparing Mizutani’s poses with anime characters, several video game characters also made an appearance. Oh, and Spongebob Squarepants counts as an anime so that explains why Patrick is there (really, Spongebob Squarepants is counted as an anime back in Japan).

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