A live action stage play titled Alice in Deadly School Paradox has announced that their play will be adapted into an anime, which is titled Alice in Deadly School the Animation. A key visual was also revealed:


Part of the “Alice in Project”, the anime has been described as a “medium-length anime,” which the staff aims to distribute digitally, as well as screened during events, in other words, this won’t be a TV anime. A “high-end anime staff” will be animating the new anime. Hoods Entertainment (Seikon no Qwaser) has been tagged in animating the project.

 Alice in Deadly School follows a group of girls who are stuck in their school’s roof following a zombie outbreak in their school… which sort of sounds like the story for a certain “healing anime” titled School Live.

Aside from the new anime and stage play, the project also has a recently-launched manga by artist Ajiko Kojima (Tonari no 801-chan) and original creator Kaworu Asakusa of Alice in Project. It is a 4-panel manga.

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