Before the upcoming Death Note sequel movie, Death Note Light up the NEW world, hits theaters in Japan this October, HULU Japan will be showing a 3-episode special, which will act as the prequel to the series, and it will be titled Death Note NEW GENERATION.

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The first episode, titled “Shinsei” (Rebirth), will revolve around Masahiro Higashide’s character, Tsukuru Mishima, and how he was selected into the Police’s “Death Note Task Force”. The second episode, titled “Ishi” (Dying Wish), will revolve around Ryuuzaki, played by Sousuke Ikematsu, and involves the formation of the Death Note task force. Finally, the third and final episode, “Kyoushin” (Fanaticism), will be exploring Masaki Suda’s character, Yuuki Shien. Here are screenshots from the upcoming mini-series:

The TV special will be premiering in Japan on September 16, 2016, and HULU Japan will also be showing the previous Death note movies, the live-action TV series, and the TV anime. The movie itself will be premiering on October 29, 2016.

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