Future Trunks may be able to go Super Saiyan and beat opponents down with his own fists, but sometime, he likes to use that trusty sword of his. For the latest episode of Man At Arms: REFORGED, the Stagmer brothers of Baltimore Knife and Sword replicated Trunks’ weapon, which was able to cut Metal Frieza in half!

Also known as the “Brave Sword,” it has been quite requested in the show, with the blacksmiths themselves admitting to be huge fans. And after much forging, pummeling, and grinding, Trunks’ legendary sword was finally put to the test.


Previously, the Stagmer brothers have forged Erza Scarlet’s default sword and armorSaber’s ExcaliburDracule ‘Hawk Eyes’ Mihawk’s Yoru from One Piece InuYasha’s Tessaiga and Ryuuko Matoi’s half-scissor blade from Kill la Kill… out of real scissors. They also forged Asuna’s rapier, Lambent Light.

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