It’s one of the biggest questions in then nearly-two decades that the Pokemon anime has been running – why the heck is Ash (or Satoshi as he is called in Japan) not attending school?! Things do are about to change as it seems, as a new visual for the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime has been revealed inside the pages of Shogakukan’s Coro Coro Comics Magazine.


According to the advance look at the new Pokemon anime, it will be premiering in November, and will feature new characters and Pokemon. In this new adventure, Ash/Satoshi will be following something that hasn’t been seen in almost 20 years – Ash’s life as a student. Ash has always been journeying around the Pokemon world, and he’s never really gone to school, so this announcement has really surprised a lot of fans. It also reveals that Ash will be meeting the “god who is protecting the Alola region”, Kapu Kokeko.

But then again… am I the only one who’s wondering why Charizard is wearing a tie?! And am I the only one who seems to wonder if Ash really looks different? One thing’s for sure though, I know a lot of people are wondering if Ash will finally become a Pokemon champion?! Outside of the Orange Islands of course!

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