In celebration of Dot Arena’s 2nd anniversary, the action arena game app is adding one very special addition, and he’s none other than Ezio from Assassin’s Creed!


The iOS/Android card-battle smartphone game is adding Ezio as a partnership with Ubisoft, the same people behind the Assassin’s Creed franchise. So, how will he fare in Dot Arena as compared to other powerful assassins like Shade, Dawn, and Skitter? One thing’s for sure though, and that he will certainly heat things up.


The game also adds a new features, as heroes can now undergo “Re-Awakening”.

Players will be able to complete quests that reward artifact equipment, which grant all-new awakened abilities once equipped. In addition to the artifact equipment quests, the new version will also include the all-new artifact runestone system, which can directly boost hero stats. That’s not all, the new medal system will also give players the ability to collect medals upon satisfying the specified requirements, allowing each player to show off their glory. Also, we have some good news for players who have been waiting to upgrade their login heroes, as the new version will add full cards and soulstone drops for Halle, Quiggly, Atomik, Terapaw, Delora, Jack, and Orpheo!

The game can now be downloaded for both iOS and Android smartphones:

GooglePlay –>
AppStore –>

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