A new TV anime is adapting Petosu’s comedy manga,  Interviews with Monster Girls, and before this new monster girl anime even airs, a brand new PV has been revealed, and it introduces us to the anime’s main characters.

The manga follows a young Biology teacher who found out that “demi-humans” exist when he was still young, and has become obsessed with them ever since. He then discovers that a class he is handling is full of them, including a headless girl, a vampire, and a succubus. He finds out that all of them actually have very normal everyday problems, just like the rest of us.

 Interviews with Monster Girls will be airing starting January of next year, which means that it will be part of Winter 2017 anime season.  But before the anime even airs, the anime’s official twitter page has revealed that it already has a life-size statue, and it features character Kyouko Machi, the dullahan.

The statue of the anime’s resident dullahan is currently on display at Shibuya’s HMV & Books Tokyo store. It will be on display until September 23, 2016.

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