Unlike Persona 4, which is set in a small town called Inaba, Persona 5 is set in Tokyo, and with all the teasers and videos being released for the upcoming JRPG, it seems that many fans have now found some of the real areas where some events of the game took place.


One of the places for interest for gamers should be where the protagonist lives, and that is “Yongenjaya”. The place is actually a play on words, as the real location is actually Sangenjaya, which is located just west of Shibuya. It is actually a play on words, with “yon” referring to “four” and the “san” in Sangenjaya referring to three.


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From batting centers to cafes, to supermarkets, Atlus did a good job in researching some of the places in the area, huh? You can also check out the gamepley videos through this link. P5  will be released on September 15 for the PS3 and PS4 platforms.

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Source: Kotaku


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