We all have our own guilty pleasures that we don’t want anyone to find out about. For some, it’s eating something weird like chocolate-coated garlic sausages, while for others, it’s secretly listening to Justin Bieber. For some anime fans, it’s watching a certain anime series that may or may not fit their personalities and lifestyles.

Japanese website, Sirabee, recently polled their readers on which anime they don’t want to be caught enjoying, and received a total of 1,500 votes. They revealed the Top 10, and they are:

10 – Girls und Panzer

9 – Bakemonogatari

8 – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

6/7 (tie) – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions and Lucky Star

5 – To Love-Ru

4 – Card Captor Sakura

 3/2 (tie) – The [email protected] and K-On!


1 – Love Live!


While 2 and 3 is a toss-up between K-On! and [email protected], it really does seem that many are ashamed of being identified as Love Livers, even though the idol series has a loyal and dedicated following who are not shy about their fandom. But then again, maybe it’s because of them that they don’t want to be associated with the series. Same thing would go for [email protected] and K-On!

While being caught watching series like To Love-Ru and Bakemonogatari is understandably embarrassing, many find that watching a classic like Cardcaptor Sakura to be embarrassing as well, though that may be a matter of perspective. However, it’s a bit surprising that no yaoi/ Boys’ Love series even made it to the Top 10.

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