5 – Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura)


4 – Hanamaru Kunikida (Love Live! Sunshine)


3 – Nozomi Tojo (Love Live!)


2 – Marika Tachibana (Nisekoi)


1 – Heiji Hattori (Detective Conan)


With his thick Osakan Kansai-ben accent, Heiji Hattori has managed to secure the top spot, over Marika Tachibana, who speaks with a Hakata accent. The difference may lie with the fact that Hattori ain’t shy about talking in his accent at all, while others like Marika would often try to hide their accents or dialects.

Another Kansai dialect speaker like Hattori ranks high in the list, and she’s none other than Nozomi Tojo. Though she is not originally from the Kansai region, she actually grew up there, and actually speaks the region’s dialect.

And yes, aliens to speak a bit of a broken sort of Japanese… ain’t that right Lum?

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