With the upcoming SAO RPG, Sword Art Online: HollowRealization, being released in Japan this October 27, and then here in South East Asia (and North America) on November 8, Bandai Namco Games has finally revealed the anime’s opening movie, which features the song, “Windia” by Haruna Luna.

New features for the game include:

  • A new Skill Tree System, which include both Sword Skills and Battle Skills. Players can even learn “Extra Skills,” depending on how they battle (attack, heal, tank, etc.). Players also have to choose wisely because how they choose to battle will affect their Extra Skill.
  • Players can improve relationships with Co-Sleeping Events, with their partner lying beside them before they sleep.

Players who pre-order their copy or purchase the game on day-1 will be offer 3 exclusive costumes: a nightwear costume for female characters, as well as two costumes from GOD EATER, Soma’s costume for male characters and Livie’s costume for female characters.


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Thank you to Tuấn Ngọc for the correction


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