One Piece manga creator, Eiichiro Oda, is famous for being painfully hardworking, pushing his body to the limits just for the manga, and barely even sleeping. The world-famous mangaka has one crazy work schedule, and according to his former editor, Naoki Kawashima, he can be pretty demanding as well.


The former One Piece editor recently sat down for an interview with Japanese forum, 2chto help promote One Piece Film Gold. There, Kawashima revealed a few things about Eiichiro Oda.

In the interview, Kawashima said “The thing I remember most when I took over [as editor] was Oda telling me, ‘Die for One Piece.’”  Yes folks, the guy doing the One Piece manga is dead serious, as he’s often awake 24/7 doing the manga and meeting deadlines, so naturally, the editor of that very manga should also be prepared to meet those demands. “Because, in fact, Oda is that resolute in drawing the manga,” Kawashima added. “At that time he when he said those words to me, I was like, ‘woah, really?’” However, he was moved by what Oda said.

Now that is dedication, I wouldn’t even know if I can do that if I were in his position. Thanks to that dedication, One Piece is still one of the hottest manga on Earth, and still going strong. If Eiichiro Oda weren’t that demanding or that dedicated, who could say that One Piece would still be popular today, right?

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