The Tokyo Comic-Con, Japan’s own version of Comic-Con, has now posted its cosplay guidelines, and it has generated some controversy. Aside from banning the usual, like actual military costumes and transparent costumes, they are also banning male cosplayers from dressing up as female characters. In other words, no traps allowed at the Tokyo Comic-Con.


While this rule is unheard of in most countries, especially in the United States, this is actually quite common in cosplay events around Japan, as organizers are mostly wary of unattractive men dressing up as popular female characters, either because they seriously like the character or just trolling.

The rule gained notoriety internationally as it is imposed in the San Diego Comic-Con’s own Japanese counterpart, as the American comic book event does not impose such restrictions on its cosplayers. While the rule hasn’t raised much eyebrows in Japan, it has in the rest of the world.

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Source: Tokyo Comic-Con official website


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