Newtype Magazine has made new announcements regarding the TV anime version of Studio Trigger’s critically-acclaimed animated short film, Little Witch Academia. According to the announcement, the TV anime will be premiering in January 2017.


The issue also revealed that much of the cast from the original short film, as well as its sequel, Little Witch Academia 2, will be reprising their roles from the TV anime.

Yoh Yoshinari first created and directed the first short film for Anime Mirai 2013. A sequel project was then announced on Kickstarter, with the project reaching and far exceeding its US$150,000 goal in just six hours. The sequel, The Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, also premiered last year.

So, who is excited for this new anime? The original short film is often considered as one of the studio’s greatest works, along with Kill la Kill, so this new TV anime adaptation should be a good one!

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Source: ANN


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