FunPlus recently held a design contest for the heroes of their latest smartphone game, Valiant Force, and now, the winners have been revealed, and they were shown to a special guest, who is none other than Final Fantasy designer, Yoshitaka Amano! The famed artist and character designer gave much praise to the entrants, as seen here in this video:

A total of “5 excellent entries” were selected by a professional judging panel which consists of Glenn Kim, Art Director of FunPlus and previous employee of 14 years at Pixar Animation Studios, Greg Killion, former Art Director of Supercell, and Anton Gustilo, the current Art Director of XII Braves. The winners are:

1st place: “Flower of Vengeance: Scarlet” by Demeter Wu


Judges’ comments: This entry was quite interesting. The character’s posture, clothing, and machine-like leg all made it stand out to all of us.

2nd Place: “Spirit Master – Vyn” by Gilang Pramesta Gunara


Judges’ comments: This entry draws upon deep feelings, and we can sense the energy and power waiting to be unleashed. We could also feel the effort that the artist had put into creating this character.

3rd Place: “Miuel – Miu” by Châu Ngọc Bích Nguyễn”


Judges’ comments: Be it the details or the artwork as a whole, this entry made us all feel the resolution of the artist. At the same time, the entry also fits really well into the overall style of Valiant Force.

4th Place: “枪术师——罗莎莉亚” by 边冬


Judges’ comments: The originality of this entry is quite amazing. We discovered that the artist spent a great deal of effort on creation all the way from the initial drafts to the final drawing. The artwork also works with the overall hero style of Valiant Force.

5th Place: “Leia” by Tanakrit Boonsopon


Judges’ comments: This entry feels like it was tailor-made for Valiant Force! At one point we were even suspecting that it originated from an artist in the Valiant Force Art team!

Most Votes: “Celeste” by Luca Chirivi


Valiant Force is a mobile card-battle strategy game with a unique 3×6 battlefield that is soon to be released globally. The game’s setting takes players to a world where 6 Valiants struggle to prevent a great demon queen from resurrecting, and fight back the evil powers that have come to enshroud the world. Other than the selected winning heroes of this design contest, there will be 200 other unique heroes when the game launches. With up to 40 different jobs, players can customize their forces, clear stages in search of epic weapons, and unleash stunning hero abilities to achieve victory!

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