Itasha are a huge part of Japan’s anime subculture, and they have also been seen in the US, though not as common as it is back in Japan. One very particular itasha is being rented by Veluxity Car Rentals and Paramount Luxury Rentals in Miami, and it would certainly make Pokemon fans really interested. Oh, and did we mention it’s a BMW i8 sports car?

Paramount Luxury Car Rentals is known in Miami for specializing in renting out luxury and high-end sports cars, but they are renting out this one specifically for Pokemon fans, as the franchise has proven to be very popular back in the states. And if you watched the video, she purrs (or roars) beautifully.


The car was taken to South Beach where it got a lot of great reactions, as people took pictures of it, and got the attention of a few curious onlookers.

So if you’re ever in Miami and you want to play Pokemon Go, why not rent this one out when trying to catch Pokemon? Because you will surely turn heads!

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