Trainers, it’s time to haunt, because Pokemon GO will be having its first in-game event to celebrate Halloween! Because it is the season of fright, Gen 1’s ghost trio will be showing up a whole lot more, along with a few other Pokemon.

This new “Pokemon GO Halloween” event will have Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and Zubat dropping a whole lot more, and since this is Halloween, can get that chance to earn more candies, because what’s Halloween without ghosts and candies, right?!


It was announced that  “every Pokémon caught will earn Trainers six Candies—twice the normal amount. The professor will also give Trainers two Candies instead of one for every Pokémon transferred to him. In addition, Buddy Pokémon will award four candies instead of the usual one. Pokémon Candies enable Trainers to evolve or strengthen their Pokémon, so players will want to walk and catch all the Pokémon they can to get their fill of Candy during this special event.

The event will run from October 26 – November 1, 2016.

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