Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo is one of the most colorful mangaka when it comes to personality, and he recently shocked many fans and twitter followers when he suddenly posted himself cosplaying one of his most notorious characters, Shinegami captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

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Just Kubo being Kubo I guess, and usually, it’s other people who cosplay him. Remember that mesh shirt look he once had? But this new BLEACH cosplay is also his way to thank the fans and commemorate his 15 years on working on Bleach, which ended last August.

In his tweets, the mangaka has admitted he doesn’t know how to spend some time after completing the manga, as he said that he just plays Dragon Quest all day. I guess he may find a new idea for another epic new manga while aimlessly playing Dragon Quest…

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source: @tite_official


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