After more than a decade of poking fun at Japanese and American pop culture, breaking the fourth wall, handing out lots of laughs, all at the expense of poor Hayate Ayasaki, Kenjirou Hata’s ever-popular butler manga, Hayate the Combat Butler! is now about to end, as the manga has now entered its final phase after a short hiatus last month.


It was revealed that the manga will end with Volume 51, which just started its final run within the pages of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine. So far, the manga has released 49 compilation volumes, with the 50th coming soon, and the 51st and final already started.

So far, no details on how long Vol. 51 will be, which means that the long-running comedy manga about the bankrupt butler named Hayate Ayasaki, and his mistress, Nagi Sanzenin, as well as his harem of ladies like Hinagiku, Ayumu, Maria, and Athena, will be having its final curtain call very soon.

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