Kenny Omega, a wrestler who has been known to be an anime fan and serious gamer, is also one of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s top heels (bad guys) as the current leader of the Bullet Club. With NJPW going to show Singapore what they’ve got for tomorrow’s WRESTLING WORLD 2016 IN SINGAPORE event, we interviewed the “Cleaner” himself and asked him lots of things, including the Japanese anime and video games he just loves so much.


Before becoming the head of the infamous Bullet Club, taking over former leaders Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) and AJ Styles who are now wrestling for a different company, Kenny Omega had a “Gaijin Otaku” gimmick, which went over well with fans, as he used video game and anime references to his wrestling moves. but now, Kenny is the leader of the Bullet Club, and as the “cleaner’, he’s all about business, and is more focused on winning, but that didn’t stop us from talking about anime and video games as we interviewed him though…


  1. Before your “Cleaner” gimmick, you had that “Gaijin Otaku” gimmick, and a lot of people loved it.  It’s been noted that you really love anime and games, and we would just like to ask you if you have a waifu? And who, and from what series?

Saeko Busujima from High School of the Dead


  1. What is your favorite anime? Any series you are following this season, or are looking forward to next season?

Favorite of all time is Hajime no Ippo. This season I watched and enjoyed Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. Really looking forward to the new Haikyuu next season!


  1. You’re a serious fighting game player, and most of your (former) moves are inspired by video games, why did you stop using them when you turned heel?

Because it was too fun for fans. Before, wrestling was a party. Now, it’s all about championships and business.


  1. The Bullet Club is one of the most well-known factions in the wrestling world today, how does it feel to be its leader, following the departures of AJ Styles and Prince Devitt/Finn Balor? Do you feel that you still have big shoes to fill, or do you think you have surpassed them?

Surpassed them easily. Too many matches of the year, memorable title runs and also the G1 win. I’m a legend. Neither of them were.


  1. You won the G1 Climax last August, and is actually the first non-Japanese wrestler to win it. Any thoughts on this? What was your most difficult match?

Winning secured my place in history. Of course I was happy. Happy, but not satisfied. I must win the IWGP heavyweight title for it to have real merit. The most difficult part of the G1 was the finals vs Goto. That was when I was most tired, most injured, and had the most pressure.


  1. You were really popular as a Baby Face with that gaijin otaku gimmick, and now as the heel leader of The Bullet Club, can you explain how different the challenges are between your two gimmicks? Do you enjoy being a heel more?

My heel character is much more familiar to me than babyface. I came up from the indies as a heel so most of my experience was as a bad guy. Babyface can be more fun sometimes but I feel more natural being bad.


  1. This will be your first time wrestling in Singapore, what would you expect from this crowd? Any message to your Singaporean fans?

I really look forward to coming through the curtain and witnessing a sea of two sweets in the crowd. Making Singapore a Bullet Club territory is top priority. I can’t wait to see you there. Goodbye and good night.

There you have it folks, the Cleaner has spoken, and he can’t wait to turn SG into Bullet Club territory! But then again, maybe someone will bring a Saeko Busujima dakimakura for him tomorrow…

Catch him as he thrills audiences liveat at Hall B of Sands Expo and Convention Centre on 15th November. But always remember, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

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