New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW), Japan’s premiere Pro Wrestling Promotion, is headed to Singapore for WRESTLING WORLD 2016 IN SINGAPORE. We recently sat down with several wrestlers who are coming here on 15th November, and we started with the IWGP Heavyweight champ himself, the “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada.


Considered on of the company’s top heels (bad guys), Okada has wrestled with and against some of the best, from Samoa Joe to Finn Balor (then known as Prince Devitt). He is certainly excited to perform in front of Singaporean wrestling fans, and is looking forward to WRESTLING WORLD 2016 IN SINGAPORE.

  1. Which aspects or factors of NJPW do you think would make it a hit in Singapore and other parts of South East Asia? (It’s okay to mention yourself as a factor)

Every of aspect of NJPW really. From the hitting, to the throwing and also the locking.

  1. You spent your early career in Mexico, was it hard to cope with the language barrier? Did you have to learn Spanish in your stint in Mexico? What was it like over there?

I always made sure I had a dictionary on hand wherever I went.

  1. What is the difference in wrestling styles between the Mexicans, the Americans, and the Japanese?

From my perspective, I don’t feel that there is a difference in style. What is different is the group of audience who comes for our matches.

  1. Since you were training in Mexico, did you ever consider putting on a mask like many of the Luchadores? If so, what would the design look like?

I think that it might be interesting to put on a mask and become someone else.

  1. It’s been noted that you love working in front of an American crowd, how is it any different from a Japanese or a Mexican crowd? Which of them is the wildest or most unpredictable? How do you think the Singaporean crowd would fare?

I think the American crowd gets excited really easily. In that sense, they’re similar to the Singaporean crowd.

  1. You were trained by the great Ultimo Dragon, how would you describe what it was like?

I was taught to believe that when I am in the ring, I am the best.

  1. You have been described as one of the best Heels (bad guys) in the business, can you describe what it is like to be a heel and how different it is from being a baby face (good guy)?

I think the fight between baby face and heel is one of the interesting points of pro-wrestling. But just to be clear, I am neither a baby face nor a heel.

  1. What lead to you coming up with that “Rainmaker” persona of yours?

As long as I am in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, I will keep winning titles and making money for the company. The rain of money will always fall as long as I am in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

  1. Is there any wrestler, on any promotion, that you haven’t faced yet, that you want to partner with in a tag team match?

I know he’s not a wrestler but I would love to pair up with David Beckham.

  1. How about any wrestler you want to wrestle against in a one-on-one match?

No one. No one is better than me.

  1. You have faced and beaten AJ Styles who is now the champion in his new company, what is it like beating him for the IWGP championship? Were you surprised he became champion over there over a relatively short period of time?

I was really surprised but happy for his success. He also drove me to work harder than before.

  1. Any message to the fans in Singapore and South East Asia?

Wrestling is not as popular in Singapore and Southeast Asia so I would like to take this chance to let it take root in this region and make the rain of money fall.

Well, that’s certainly the “Rainmaker” for you! Some of NJPW’s very best will be performing inside the squared circle to thrill audiences liveat at Hall B of Sands Expo and Convention Centre on 15th November. But always remember, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

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