After revealing that OreImo’s Ayase Aragaki is getting herself a risque life-size figure, Pulchra’s line of life-size figures, FIGUREX, has announced that their next life-size figure will be one of the demon maid twins from Re:Zero, Rem. They did not announce much details on this life-size Rem figure, but they did release this photo as reference:


So, how will the new Rem figure look like? Will it be as risque as Ayase, or will it be cute like Non Non Biyori’s Renge? As of the moment, we still don’t know any details, but be prepared to lose a lot of money, as these FIGUREX life-size figures cost a ton of cash, and that doesn’t even include shipping costs, which are bound to be high since life-size figures also tend to weigh a lot. And you thought 1/6 scale figures were expensive…

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Source: FIGUREX blog


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