Every February, the city of Sapporo holds its annual Snow Festival, and at the same time, the city also holds the Snow Miku Festival. Every year, there is a theme for Snow Miku, and 2017’s would be stars and constellations found in Hokkaido. In fact, the theme is really celestial, even the event’s theme song, which is titled  “Star Night Snow” by n-buna and Orangestar.

The Snow Miku design was chosen after a contest decided the winning designs for Snow Miku and her pet, Yukine. The winning Snow Miku design was made by Nishina, while LF won the design contest for Yukine. Finally, the key visual for the event was made by Comet.

info_2017yukimiku info_2017yukine info_mainvisual

The Snow Miku Festival 2017 will be held from February 6 – 12, 2017, at  Odori Park, Sapporo Factory, and Sound Lab mole. The highlights include a snow sculpture of Snow Miku 2017, a Snow Miku-themed street car servicing passengers across Sapporo, and the display of the new Snow Miku 2017 figma and Nendoroid.

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