A new killing game is about to begin with the upcoming New Danganronpa V3 game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. New character trailers have recently been released, and they introduce us to a few characters from the game:

Kaede Akamatsu (super high-school-level pianist), Rantarou Amami (the super high-school-level ???), Miu Iruma, (super high-school-level inventor), Kokichi Ooma,  (super high-school-level President), Monotaro and Monokiddo (Monokumas)

Kiibo (super high-school-level Robot), Gonta Gokuhara (super high-school-level insect expert), Shuuichi Saihara (super high-school-level detective), Tsumugi Shirogane (super high-school-level cosplayer), and Monokuma Monosuke

Why do I get that eerie feeling that the first victim is the cosplayer? Oh well, that’s Danganronpa for you! The game is slated for release on January 12, 2017, for both PS4 and PS Vita platforms.


Though it features a similar style of gameplay with the first two games, V3 won’t be focusing on Hope’s Peak Academy, and will feature the super high school students trapped in a school surrounded by an electrically-charged cage.

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