After much teasing from Japanese figure maker, Pulchra, more images of the life-size Rem statue from Re:Zero have surfaced, and this time, these images finally show her face!

What’s more is that they revealed that the statue’s pedestal also comes with speakers! Only 10 of these statues will be made, and because of this, people have to join a lottery in order to determine which 10 lucky people will win those 10 statues. Interested parties can try their luck through the Pulchra official order page.

The statue measures in at 149cm and will cost a measly 1,480,000 yen! Pretty affordable! She will be sold between December 24 and February 2, and will be shipped out on August 2016.

FIGUREX is a company which specializes in life-size anime figures, and they are the same company responsible for Ayase Aragaki’s risque life-size figure. They also made life-size figures of Mr. Osomatsu’s sextuplets and Non Non Biyori’s Renge.

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