After bowing out to consecutive winners from South East Asia (2014 was won by Malaysia and 2015 was won by Thailand), Japan has once again taken the GunPla crown, as modeler Yuusuke Yokota’s Samurai-themed “Eternal Bonds ~Yoshitsune and Benkei Toward a New Country~” took first place in the contest’s open category.

Open Course

1st:  “Eternal Bonds ~Yoshitsune and Benkei Toward a New Country~” by Yuusuke Yokota (Japan)

2nd: “Love Lost” by Vichayuth Eiam-Ong (Thailand)

3rd: “Destination” by Wang Chang Bin (People’s Republic of China)

Junior Course

1st: “Over War” by Chiu Hsien Chun (Taiwan)

2nd: Strike & Dark Matter by Takuma Fujimoto (Japan)

3rd: Reborn by Wong Yuen Sing Julian (Hong Kong)

7-Eleven Award
“Island of The Blood” by Christian (Indonesia)

Gundam Games 30th Anniversary Award

“Duke of the Inferno realm, Barbatos Noir” by Benny Ma (Australia)

Japan may have taken the Open Course, but they failed the 14 and Under category, or the Junior Course, as their entrant only managed to place second, with Taiwan’s Junior representative taking 1st.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Vichayuth Eiam-Ong made South East Asia proud by placing second, almost handing Thailand a back-to-back win at the GunPla Builders World Cup. Finally, Indonesia’s Christian took the 7-Eleven Award for the country.

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