Some sad news for Gundam fans across the world, as Bandai hjas decided to take down one of Odaiba’s most famous landmarks, which is the 18-meter life-size Gundam statue in front of Diver City Tokyo.


The Odaiba icon, which was rebuilt in front of Diver City Tokyo back in 2012, has become a tourist landmark, not just for fans, but everyone visiting Tokyo. As a Gundam fan, when I first saw the life-size statue in my visit back in 2014, I personally teared up, which means that this will be an emotional goodbye for a lot of people. The statue is getting torn down on March 5, 2017.

However, it isn’t just the iconic life-size Gundam that’s going away, but also the Gundam theme park, Gundam Front Tokyo, which is found on the 7th floor of Diver City Tokyo. It is set to close down on April 5, 2017. A “LAST SHOOTING” campaign will be launched before it closes down shop.

The “Tokyo Gundam Project” will also be temporarily ending as well. The project to  revitalize the waterfront area is a project done with Tokyo’s local government.

However, Bandai did say that they are planning new projects, but said that they will be announcing them for a later time. Also, back in 2014, they announced that they are planning to build a moving robotic version of the life-size RX-78-2 Gundam. Bandai did not say that they are tearing down the life-size Gundam to make way for this new moving one, however. The moving Gundam statue is slated to be unveiled in 2019 in celebration of the franchise’s 40th anniversary.

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