Toei president Kozo Morishita was a recent guest in the CCXP event in Brazil, which is widely considered as the country’s own version of Comic-Con. During the event, the Toei president himself said that their company is planning something big for the Saint Seiya franchise.


He revealed that plans for a live-action movie and a CGI movie adaptation are already underway, while there is also a third “Secret project” also in the works. He said that the staff for both CGI and live-action films are currently being brought together from within Toei, and they are even consulting with series creator, Masami Kurumada. According to Crunchyroll, “The plan, apparently, is to keep the momentum built since the show returned in late 2000, which means a remake or continuation of some sort approximately every two years. If this is true, the release of Soul of Gold last year means that we can likely expect one of these new projects to be released in 2017.”

CCXP featured a huge Saint Seiya display, and that included all 12 golden Zodiac armors, which have been displayed outside of Japan for the very first time.

More details on these three huge projects will be revealed in the days ahead.

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Source: Crunchyroll


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