Valiant Force has now updated, and with that update comes the smartphone game’s very first PVE event! This version will be featuring the large-scale ‘Twin Frost Ascension’ guild dungeon event, allowing guild members to test their strength together for the very first time. The update will also be featuring an all new character model system that will allow game characters to switch clothing according to the season.

However, its the Twin Frost Ascension guild dungeon event that’s gotten everyone talking. For the event, Players will be faced with 2 frost towers that consist of 50 levels each (a total of 100 levels). One tower will provide 50 levels for each player to challenge individually, and the other tower will have 50 levels for guild members to challenge together. Each time a level is challenged by a player, the strength of the monsters on that level will be decreased by a set percentage based on the battle results. So invite your guildmates to battle together and reach the top of the tower!

The update also adds new animations for all 5-star valiant abilities. In Valiant Force, the Valiants are much more than just ordinary heroes, they are something special. When players start the game for the very first time, they will randomly receive one of the 6 Valiants, and after accumulating 28 login days, players will receive a random 3-star Valiant Ticket. Valiants can also be summoned when summoning heroes.

The Pixies are also coming to Valiant Force, as the new update brings us a total of 6 different patron faiths among the heroes of the game, with each faith affecting the stat growth of a hero in different ways. Players can now use the Faith Fairy to directly change their hero’s faith to the specified one they desire.

The update also brings in new equipment and rune icons, along with special effects depending on the rarity of an item during summoning. It will be easier for players to quickly see the rarity of the heroes and equipment they have summoned.

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