2016 has been quite a year for cosplay, and Japanese costume and anime merchandise company, Cospa has had quite the year as well, releasing a variety of officially-licensed costumes and accessories, as well as anime-related merchandise.

The cosplay company has now released their annual costume rankings, and unlike the 2014 and 2015 results, Love Live! wasn’t their top seller for 2016. So which costume broke the Love Live! winning streak? Here are their Top 10:

10 – Ashford Academy Female Uniform from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

9 – Nagito Komaeda’s coat from Danganronpa 2

8 – Naoe Kanno costume set from Brave Witches

7 – Training Cruiser Kashima set from Kantai Collection

6 – Kuromorimine Girls High School Panzer Jacket from Girls und Panzer

5 – Demon Twins’ Maid Costume Set from Re:Zero

4 – Shujin High School Male Uniform from Persona 5

3 – Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy uniform from Love Live! Sunshine!!

2 – Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School uniform from Haifuri/ High School Fleet

1 – Kitauji High School summer uniform from Sound! Euphonium

There you have it folks, a Love Live! series has finally been knocked off the top spot in Cospa’s annual costume rankings… though it seems that the Nagito Kamaeda costume has returned from last year’s results and is in the Top 10 once again.

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