Since 2011, fans have been begging both J.C. Staff and Dengeki Bunko to release a third season for A Certain Magical Index. An announcement by the official Dengeki Bunko website for series creator, Kazuma Kamachi, however, has renewed the fans hopes.

According to the announcement, series creator, the special publication for A Certain creator Kazuma Kamachi has stopped, however, a new publication will be continuing in March. They also revealed that he has a really huge project for 2017, though they asked fans to wait for further announcements as well.

While that big project is most likely going to be a new light novel work for the renowned Japanese author, it reinvigorated the hopes for many fans of the A Certain series, who have been waiting for a third season for quite some time now. As for the people behind the A Certain series anime, they have previously admitted that they know that the fans are demanding a season 3, but have also asked fans to wait a while longer.

Kazuma Kamachi is not only the creator of the A Certain series, which includes A Certain magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, and A Certain Scientific Accelerator, but he’s also the creator and author of Heavy Object, which also got an anime adaptation.

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