Every Death Note fan knows that if you have a Death Note, you really don’t have to tell anyone about it. However, one elementary school teacher in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan told his students he has one, and actually threatened his students that he will write their names down.

According to local Fukushima police, the suspect, who is in his 30’s, threatened his students with an image of a Death Note which he claimed is his. It was reported that he repeatedly threatened to write their names down between November and December of last year. The report also stated that up to four students between grades 4 – 6 were repeatedly threatened by the Teacher with the Death Note.

He was reported by a fellow teacher, who also happened to be one of the students’ homeroom teacher. Because of the incident, a meeting between the kids’ guardians was held, butbefore that, the school’s principal made an apology. The principal told a local newspaper that he thought the teacher’s method of warning his students was inappropriate. As for the teacher in question, he was predictably reprimanded.

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Source:  Fukushima Minyu Shimbun


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